We disclose practical philosophy in clear language

and based on
scientific evidence.




█▄█▀█▄█▀█▄█▀█▄█▀█▄█   Café Philosophy-2002-2016  █▀█▄█▀█▄█▀█▄█▀█▄█▀█



Our Café Philosophy is the oldest in the city of Buenos Aires. It emerged in 2002, and since then thousands of people have visited us (Fridays and Saturdays).

It starts with a talk that lasts an hour, then we drink coffee and eat cake or cookies, and then there is one hour of debate.

In 1992 the so-called Coffee-Philos were created in Paris by Marc Sautet, and since then they became very common in many countries. Initially they were developed in cafes, but then they spread to libraries and cultural spaces of all kinds.