About Roxana Kreimer






I am dedicated to Practical Philosophy informed by science, I investigate and write in the field of Experimental Philosophy and since 2002 share this perspective in a Café Philosophy with plain language.

I was born on the 2nd of November, the Day of the Dead. I knew it when a school mate gave me the gift saying "Happy Birthday: Rest in peace." Over the years I noticed that it was a philosophical date. The birth raises a condition that allows us to gain perspective and enjoy the good things of life.

My investigations, books and classes address issues rather than names of philosophers. I believe that  ideas are more relevant than names, and although I consult philosophers of the past and of the present, I prefer not to become their widow.

I investigate and teach practical issues in the context of three disciplines: ethics, politics and informal logic. Currently I perform experimental studies on cognitive distortions, moral judgments, humor and distributive policies. My books address issues related to the possibility to develop a meaningful life from an individual and a social perspective. I write about  the need of recognition, argumentation, pseudoscience, social inequality and insecurity, sustainable mobility,  the meaning of life, emotions, love and, in general, philosophical issues related to science.

I am particularly interested in the dissemination of philosophy. When I was 17 years old I started working as a journalist and when I finished college, where I studied philosophy and did a PhD in Social Sciences (both in the University of Buenos Aires), I started writing in several media, and had columns of philosophy in radio and TV shows. I also enjoy disseminating philosophy in newspapers, magazines, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

In my free time I dance salsa and I threaten to return to my life of music writer. I also like to share travel experiences in my books, on Facebook and Youtube as a source of inspiration to develop more fulfilling interpersonal and social life forms.